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Since 04.12.2010, at the location Kolodvorska 9 in Kutina, Čarolija doma Dunja has been open.
Visit us at our newly opened store!
If Kutina is too far from you, since recently, our products can be ordered through the webshop .
We eagerly await you!

Advance payment discount

If you choose one of our web site packages we offer you the option to pay in advance with which you receive a 20% discount.

About Us

logo soft-proIT services "SOFT-PRO" is company founded in 1997. The basic purpose was then, and is today, to give each user their maximum IT support in all business segments. This means that to each customer's statement, "Now I might ask something stupid" - our response was (and still is) that in Informatics there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

For when one man masters the basics and realizes that the power is not to get an output document, beautifully formatted, and even in color, but the strength is in the information that will remain recorded in the database - then programs come to life.

For us it's a thousand times better if the user tells us that we missed something in our application, then to comment that everything is great, but he just needs this little part.

Through this approach during all this years, only one application crystallized as the program of type "turnkey" - Caffe bar, a small application in which there is no special difference from user to user.

All other software solutions are developed according to specific needs and habits of individual users. Of course there are basis of the same programs for all users and that makes about 70 percent of certain applications. The rest is being developed in collaboration with the user according to his needs and habits.

None of our application has no instructions. Why? Simply because each user writes instructions for himself/herself.

How? During the training (which lasts until the user is fully qualified to use the application), each user writes what he/she needs to know in a way that it is fully understandable and that he/she will without our help later know how to interpret, read and use.

Of course that with this way of work and interaction with each other, we as designers and programmers have a great benefit. Because today I learned something from someone, tomorrow from someone else a little more, but the day after I can offer that to a new user, before he/she asks, "does your program have this," I say "of course, among other things we have this".

So to conclude:

It is up to you to contact us with confidence and demand, and for us to provide you with the foundation from which we start and then jointly develop programs that will be tailored exclusively for you and to be fully exploited.

And finally I want to emphasize this:

Computer literacy does not begin and end with having a computer and surfing the Internet.

Computer literacy thus begins with realizing that the computer serves you, as a storehouse of all your information, which you can get at any time, and which will help you make the right decisions at a right time.